Ancestor Wisdom School - Two Month Membership

SKU: $99.00
Do you hear a soft voice inside of You calling you to Rise? You’ve heard this voice before. It started with a whisper nudging you to say Yes to Your Dreams. Now you feel the voice deep within your soul urging you to fulfill your soul’s purpose. You are ready. You want to say YES to your deep desires, but something inside of you keeps saying no. Perhaps it is fear. Maybe it is a lack of direction. Maybe it is a lack of clarity. The Ancestor Wisdom School will take you deep below the surface of what is causing you to Say NO to fully living your dreams and fulfilling your purpose to a place that makes it feel natural to take action towards the deep desire that is hidden inside of you. We start with Karmic Clearing and Self-Love spiritual practices and sacred rituals. We’ll help you align with your Soul and discover the agreements your Soul and Ancestors have made to help you live your happiest life. No more hiding! The Ancestor Wisdom School is designed to help you work with your Ancestors to clear Karma that is blocking your path and receive guidance that will help your journey become easier, more fulfilling, and joyful. You will learn techniques, meditations, spiritual practices and more to help you courageously say YES to being Happy, No to FEAR and YES to what matters most to you.

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